Managing Strata document orders doesn’t have to be painful

Managing Strata document orders doesn’t have to be painful

eStrataHub lets companies and self-managed Councils manage the entire strata document ordering process online. Ordering, delivery and payment from your desktop.

  • Save time, effort, money - and the environment!
  • No photocopying, paper, couriers or pick-ups.
  • Gain control with alerts, messages & one click to information.
  • Simplified payment.
Save time & money
Smart forms and messaging gets you the information you need. No more telephone tag or deadline panic.
No couriers or pick-ups
Orders sent as PDF files, not paper. Save time, money - and the environment.
Simplified payment
eStrataHub takes care of the entire payment process. No cheques, couriers or collections.
Gain control
Contact numbers, undertakings and messages all in one place.
Send and receive messages and files that are stored together with the order.
Email notifications
Keep on top of changes or requests. Reduce uncertainty and stress.

Lawyers, Notaries, Real Estate Agents and Homeowners

You can now order, receive and pay for strata documents from Access Point Information Canada with a credit card or from BC OnLine using your BC OnLine account. Find out how eStrataHub helps you save time and organize your business.


When we were first introduced to eStrataHub, I felt a little reluctant learning another program when we already had systems in place for providing strata documents. Since using eStrataHub I find it to be such a smooth system that when we get an order from an owner or someone who doesn’t currently have access to BC OnLine, the old method seems very burdensome.

I love using eStrataHub as it has made my job easier. As an example, in the past there were times when lawyers or notaries did not pay document fees for several weeks after closing, and sometimes needed a reminder which used up valuable time. With eStrataHub, the payment for the service comes as soon as they accept their documents online.

Thank you.

Marilyn Siewert
Associated Property Management (2001) Ltd.
Kelowna, BC

Marilyn Siewert - Associated Property (Kelowna)