"Orders taken through eStrataHub save us time and manpower. It is very convenient to have all the information for a conveyance in one place. Delivery of documents electronically is much more efficient for all parties concerned and the payment processing by BC Online is a great benefit."

Bruce Rae, Records Department Manager, The Wynford Group

"I am exceptionally happy with the convenience of Estratahub! The service allows for an online paper trail for customers to make their orders. I am notified directly on my Iphone of a pending order. It's fast and easy! Lawyers haven't been requesting originals since receiving these documents online. Gives me more time to deal with other issues.
I recommend this service to any Strata Management Company!"

Michael Dyson, Royal LePage Parkside Realty Inc.

"eStrataHub provides an audit trail for document requests. The process also makes collection of fees one less item to spend resources on. The agents we deal with tell me they now obtain documents much faster and delivery has been made simpler."

Henry Widdows, Lakeshore Strata

When we were first introduced to eStrataHub, I felt a little reluctant learning another program when we already had systems in place for providing strata documents. Since using eStrataHub I find it to be such a smooth system that when we get an order from an owner or someone who doesn’t currently have access to BC OnLine, the old method seems very burdensome.

I love using eStrataHub as it has made my job easier. As an example, in the past there were times when lawyers or notaries did not pay document fees for several weeks after closing, and sometimes needed a reminder which used up valuable time. With eStrataHub, the payment for the service comes as soon as they accept their documents online.

Thank you.

Marilyn Siewert
Associated Property Management (2001) Ltd.
Kelowna, BC

Marilyn Siewert - Associated Property (Kelowna)

As a busy strata management company in Whistler, we used to rely on couriers, the mail, or in-person pick ups to provide our strata documents to customers. Since we have been using eStrataHub to manage our strata document orders, we have enjoyed the convenience, speed and reliability of the automated program to process and deliver our document requests.

Our customers are able to pay with either their BC OnLine Account or by credit card and eStrataHub takes care of the entire receivable process for us. We no longer have to spend valuable time invoicing customers, following up on unpaid orders, and processing payments.

The support that is available from eStrataHub is great. Anytime we have a suggestion or an issue, their team is ready to listen and assist us.

eStrataHub has proved to be an indispensable tool in managing our strata documents and we have no hesitation in recommending this program to other strata management companies.

Rachel Milstein, WRM Strata Management & Real Estate Services Ltd.

"As a progressive and environmentally conscience company, Obsidian Property Management Ltd. was pleased to join eStrataHub as it is totally automated, meaning no paper or carbon emissions from couriers. In addition, it has made it easier for both the staff and requestors to manage the strata document process as the communication is direct- no more telephone tag or missed emails, payment is simplified and a complete historic audit is available to both parties should a discrepancy arise. eStrataHub has created many efficiencies in our office and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend the program to other Strata Management companies."

Sean Michaels, Obsidian Property Management Ltd.

As a progressive Strata Management company we are always looking for ways to enhance our services. By using eStrataHub it not only improved efficiencies in our process but it provided convenience to our customers with the ability to order and pay online by credit card or BC OnLine and receive the documents much quicker. With a historical audit trail, it is much simpler to reviews order requests if necessary or address any discrepancies if they arise. eStrataHub has allowed us even more time to concentrate on serving our clients and we highly recommend it to other property management companies.

Kyla Becia, Colyvan Pacific Real Estate Services Ltd.