eStrataHub lets you manage strata document orders more effectively.

eStrataHub has been built to address the almost universal demand by Strata Managers, Strata Councils, and their customers for a faster, more efficient way to manage strata document orders.

Recognize these problems?

  • Time and cost of payment processing and collecting receivables.
  • Wasted time calling, leaving messages and organizing faxes to get all the information you need to complete an order.
  • Worried about tracking all the telephone calls, faxes and emails for a particular order.
  • Effort to print and photocopy documents, and prepare for customers to pick up orders.

Participating Strata Managers and Councils

Strata Manager's FAQs


"As a progressive and environmentally conscience company, Obsidian Property Management Ltd. was pleased to join eStrataHub as it is totally automated, meaning no paper or carbon emissions from couriers. In addition, it has made it easier for both the staff and requestors to manage the strata document process as the communication is direct- no more telephone tag or missed emails, payment is simplified and a complete historic audit is available to both parties should a discrepancy arise. eStrataHub has created many efficiencies in our office and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend the program to other Strata Management companies."

Sean Michaels, Obsidian Property Management Ltd.